New Student Instructions

In this course students work towards an Industry Certification: Marketing students (Adobe Photoshop CC 2015), Web scripting students (Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015) and Freshmen (MOS 2016).

Welcome to Ms. Gant’s 2018- 2019 School Class Website. You will need to complete the following task before being able to be successful in my class.

Follow these instructions on your first day of my class:

1. Click on the Google Gmail link to learn how to use this emailing software. All documents that you will receive from Ms. Gant will be via your Gmail account or this website.

  • Create a GMAIL ACCOUNT (Download the New Student Instructions Sheet)
  • Add yourself to the REMIND Class communication system (instructions is found on the “New Student Instruction” sheet.

2. Click on the Google Drive video link to watch how to use the Drive. You will be uploading your classroom assignments and projects into the “CLASS DIGITAL FOLDERS”.

A. After watching the Google Drive video, watch the “Creating a Folder in Google Drive” video and then create your class folder with your “Last, First Name”

3. Click on the video link next to your class period to get an overview of this course:

A. Marketing Applications (Period 1 & 2)

B. Marketing Essentials (Per 4, 5 & 6)

B. Advanced Info Tech ( Period 3 & 8)

C. Web Scripting ( Period 7)


5. Review the Google Tips below because we will be using Google products throughout this course.

Google Tips

With the limited amount of time that we have in class, it will be very beneficial for you to visit the Google TIPs site to learn more information on the products we will be using this year in my classroom. The site currently spans 13 products: Search, Gmail, Chrome, Android, YouTube, Maps, Docs, Drive, Play, Calendar, Keep, News, and Google+. All of them either require you to be signed in, or work better when you are, which is exactly the message Google wants to send. There are just over four pages of tips, and on the fifth page (as well as on the bottom) there’s a suggestion box where you can tell Google what you think it should add.

Click here to access Google TIPS